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OPT offer a cable ‘cut and coil’ service for cable diameters between 2 and 28 mm. Please contact us directly for a more bespoke service.

Take up drum capacity:

Maximum (mm)

Minimum (mm)

Flange Diameter



Width (overall)



Barrel Diameter



Pay out drum capacity:

Maximum (mm)

Minimum (mm)

Flange Diameter



Width (overall)



In conjunction with our Logistics Department, we unload, manage, record and store incoming cable master drums all in one location.

With instant access to all our customers stock, OPT provide secure fully insured 24 hour alarm monitoring and police response.

OPT has a range of winding machines to cater for fibre cable diameters between 2 to 28 mm with various cross sections (ie figure of ‘8’ or flat) to cut and coil to any required length.

Two winding machines have been developed and manufactured by OPT to produce an ordered and repeatable re-wind capability. These, and other winding machines, enable OPT to meet their customer requirements for a range of cables from small, single fibre, products through to high fibre count network distribution type cables. Typical re-wind cable lengths range from 100 m up to 4 km.

OPT have their own transport to deliver products within a 250 mile radius of Ipswich. Alternatively, for longer distances, OPT uses pallet distribution network on an economy or next day basis.

As an additional quality check, OPT can offer optical testing of dispatched cable using OTDR and/or cut back measurement methods, should this be required.

Please contact Edwina or Alison on 01473 612188 for more information.

Cutting & Coiling