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19 & 21 Betts Avenue, Martlesham Heath Business Park,

Ipswich Suffolk IP5 3RH, United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)1473 612188

E-mail: info@optservices.co.uk


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The core team at OPT Services comprises of…

Phil Barker

Technical Director

E: phil.barker@optservices.co.uk

T: 01473 623600

M: 07794 741167

Edwina Frost

Customer Liaison / Logistics Manager

E: edwina.frost@optservices.co.uk

T: 01473 612188

Gillian Barker

Graphics Designer

E: gillian.barker@optservices.co.uk

Craig Fotheringham

Senior Applications Engineer

E: craig.fotheringham@optservices.co.uk

T: 01473 612188

Gavin Hamilton

Transport / Warehouse Manager

E: gavin.hamilton@optservices.co.uk

T: 01473 612188

M: 07791 203720

Alison Hunter

Office Administrator

E: alison.hunter@optservices.eu

T: 01473 612188

Cara Barker

Graphics Designer

E: cara.barker@optservices.co.uk

Accounts / Company Secretary

E: accounts@optservices.co.uk

Not sure of the person or department that best suits your needs? E-mail us at info@optservices.co.uk and we will make sure your enquiry goes to the right place.

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